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<Request and Cautions to Everyone Who Comes to the Live>

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 ※ Admission will be in the order of the reference number on which the opening time and ticket are specified.

 ※Drink fee will be charged at the time of admission

 ※No admission for children under 3 years old

 ※Large baggage such as suitcases is not allowed

 ※You will not be allowed to bring your own photo equipment (excluding mobile phones)

*Please refrain from giving letters or gifts to members directly at the time of admission/exit, loading/unloading of equipment, regardless of live house or in-store. Please hand it to the staff at the concert venue, or use the present box if it is installed.

*Please note that we cannot accept the items listed below, as well as used and opened items.

× It's too big.
× Raw items 
× Dangerous items (explosives, Blades, etc.) 
× Living things 
× Others items that members can't take home
 (heavy items, large stuffed toys, panels, etc.)

[About shooting in the venue]

・Shooting videos ,Photos and recording On-site are prohibited.

・If any illegal shooting is found, you will be asked to leave the venue immediately for whatever reason.

・In addition, as an event official, a camera for video and photography will be included. 
Please note that the situation may be reflected in the photos and videos.

・Please be sure to bring it with you on the day of the event.

・Resale and listing and purchasing on auction sites are prohibited. The ticket found is invalid
Please note that it will be.
・Refunds cannot be accepted in any case.
・If the performance is canceled due to unavoidable reasons such as a natural disaster, travel expenses to the venue (including cancellation fee)
No compensation will be given.


[About live]

 All acts that may disturb other customers, such as saving place with luggage or band towels, are prohibited.
・If such behavior is confirmed, we may be strictly prohibited and may leave the venue. Depending on the situation, we may prohibit you from entering and leaving.

    Please note.
・Shoes with heels may cause injury and troubles to yourself and others around you. Please take appropriate measures such as changing to safe footwear.

・Because there are many reports of theft, the Concert Venue and band side cannot take responsibility for the management of valuables, so please take full responsibility at your own risk.

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